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Meet the Team

Our team is experienced, organized and passionate about making your event the best it can be. Each event reflects the commitment we have to our clients to ensure their every need is met!

Shannon McGriff


Shannon has always been a planner. Whether it was planning a trip with a group of friends or parties to celebrate many different occasions, Shannon has always been the one running the show. For the last several years, Shannon has been involved with an organization in which she planned corporate events and meetings for up to 500 people. While doing this, Shannon realized her love for event planning—and Power Events and Planning was born! When she is not working, Shannon enjoys traveling, watching Aggie football, and spending time with her family and friends.



Danielle Potts

Assistant Event Coordinator

Danielle has spent her whole life taking orders from Shannon....she's her little sister! When Shannon decided to really focus on the event planning space, she knew she couldn't do it alone so she turned to her sibling to help. Danielle recently gave birth to the most adorable twin girls, Olivia and Madeline and was a teacher for many years.